Philosophy of Mind

(tentative) HSSP syllabus summer, 2013

Course description:

The science, processes, and theories of the brain, consciousness, memory, and cognition

Week One:      The Mind (opening class discussion)

Definitions of: Philosophy of Mind

Theory of Mind

Empathy\ Mirror neurons

Week Two:     The Mind\body problem

Embodied Cognition –(cognitive psychology and behaviorism)

Embodiment: avatars and artificial intelligence

How the brain works

Week Three:   How memory works

Associative memory\nodes

Working memory

Implicit memory

Cognitive subconscious

Week Four:     Memory Continued


False memory

Constructive memory

Learning and Modeling

Bobo Experiment

Week Five:    

Mind Control and the Subconscious

Mental simulation and predicting

Priming, Confirmation Bias, Justification

Week Six:      

social psychology and group theories



morality and the problem of good and evil

Milgram Experiment

Week Seven:   Five Minds of the Future            

mind mapping and multiple intelligences

Minds and machines

PowerPoint from class:

Philosophy of Mind August 18 pptx


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