I’m interested in the sub-conscious and implicit memory, cognition and neuropsychology from the perspective of a sleeping brain. In conjunction with my degree work,- and for fun-  I teach an interdisciplinary course, Dreams, Dreaming and the Subconscious. I write about  the 3  pound universe conveniently situated inside my head, including metaphysics,  how we gain knowledge,  and the process of thinking and remembering.  I link education, critical thinking, questioning authority,  with neuroscience, oneiric theory, cultural myth and metaphor, and psychology.  I often stir in a dollop or two  of artificial intelligence, ethics and philosophy!

I write about these topics, including AI, from a humanities point of view. I  have no doubt that in the very near  future AI will be common.  As to whether or not  inserting a chip into a brain to expand or improve thinking- will it  make us less human, or super human,  a better “person” or less of a person-  these are the questions of the decade;   how the government, answers those questions and responds to the corporations  and universities who sponsor and create the means for the AI,  will determine what kind of future lies ahead for mankind.