November 2011

I’ve been studying the research on the results of integrating science and art and have been amazed by what I’ve read. In the process I recalled that Einstein’s brain  was unique because of the glial cells, but I hadn’t thought much about the bridge and its effect on his left brain right brain thinking other than the fact his spatial reasoning was highly developed.   Did having the hemispheres more united help him imagine and reason at the same time? I think so.

Einstein commented that when he played the violin he was better able to form ideas.  Research studies confirm that art integrated into a school  curriculum does make a difference in test scores for math.  Integrating Music has produced the same results. Einstein’s  brain was average sized, but about 15% wider  in the inferior parietal.  The  Corpus  Callosum muscle that connected his left and right brain was longer.  That means more information traveling quickly and more freely from one side to the other; there were more connected thoughts. The brain is a muscle and responds to use.  In other words, Einstein’s brain was the result of being used, and used in ways not commonly trained to be used.

What I’m considering now is the violin: did using  music to help him think, expand the parietal and build a longer bridge between his two hemispheres?

Do we owe music a thank you for helping build the brain that envisioned  the Theory of Relativity? I think  so.


The following headline came up in the “news” today:

“9-11 whistle-blower Susan Lindauer’s case confirms we live in Gulag Amerika.”

Gulag Amerika?

” That’s the Patriot Act for you. Welcome to the New America.  Franz Kafka would be appalled”

No,  I’m not going to link the nasty thing into my blog. If I give it a name I empower it and I want no part in that.  It’s truly pitiful when a person charged with accepting bribes and or blood money resorts to throwing down the persecution card. For some reason, (let’s call it arrogance) she seems to think she’s better than everyone else and above the law, that  if the judge  knew it was her, surely the charges would be dropped.  She writes: “Worst by far, after omitting confirmations of my identity from their reports to Judge Mukasey, they sought to imprison me indefinitely and forcibly drug me with Haldol, so that I would be “cured” of believing what all three agencies at the Justice Department recognized to be fully truthful.”


How odd then that the charges were dropped because she was unfit to stand trial, not because she was deemed innocent.  Yet still she capitalized on this and wrote a book about being singled out and persecuted? Get real lady, and get a real job where you don’t have to misquote a book about persecution in the bitter attempt to bring legitimacy to your arrogant albeit transparent  desire to peddle conspiracy theories.

Dear Ms. Lindauer, your self-righteous attitude makes me ill.

Please do not evoke the name Kafka, and compare yourself to the persecuted.

If his sisters received the same treatment as you, they would not have died in misery.  This is the face of persecution- three women who were indeed arrested without having done anything wrong, thrown into the gulag and died a terrible death in the gas-chambers of hell. We call it Terezin, God calls it evil. I wonder if Ms. Lindauer is a Holocaust denier as well.