May 2011

Am I dreaming, or is this reality?

Nihilism.  Is life a nothingness where we don’t exist, there is no spoon and humanity is just imaginary?

Or, are we a play with actors and puppets and those who pull the strings?

Or, is The Matrix synchronicity? Are we an  awareness,- the quantum theory that we exist in many places and many times at the same?

We are the spoon, we are the man, we are the matrix.



Because hallucinations and visions are experienced with so much emotion they seem more real than life and it becomes difficult to discern what is reality and what is not. The movie skates along that overlap of reality and vision.

Can nightmares drive a person to insanity, to the point he sees visions?

When nightmares become real, what is the difference between nightmares, visions, and reality?

Music by Max Richter: The Nature of Daylight

Link to music and video  clip

from Shutter Island

Hawking is quoted as saying: “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” Hmmm. That’s odd. I’ve recycled various components of one computer into another. In fact, I think the laptop on which I’m typing has the memory and data files from three previous computers. In class, when we talk about the difference or the similarities between computers and humans, all students agree that memory is transferred from an old computer to the new one; and this makes them think about whether or not the same is true of the human species. Why Hawking doesn’t consider the same is that perhaps he’s run down from a life of focused  thinking, and the students are still free to roam.

A comment I made, that included the China Digital Times and their weekly list of stories suppressed by the Chinese Ministry of Truth, was moderated and removed  last week from a newspaper. Not once but twice.  As a result, I am banned and can no longer post. No, not from a socialist or communist newspaper, but from a very ordinary newspaper. Or so I thought.  As of this week the majority of the comments  are from paid Chinese posters about how the US has faked the death of OBL.  The other commenters follow along like mice hearing their Pied Piper.  And so the creeping of communism,  and with it all the suppression of anything of which it does not approve, has expanded from an oozing trickle to a rising tide. When the waves become a deluge it will of course be too late.

I wonder what the people  who took the  money offered by the Chinese (in exchange for their freedom) will think- will they rejoice in the suppression, will they bear guilt for falling prey, or will they be elated and join the ranks of the repressive? What of the many  who sit by and watch the debacle  unfold before their very eyes… and say nothing and do nothing… except to buy more products manufactured by the regime which serves to give the communist government even more profits which they use to spread that power. And now Iran is building a rocket launching site in Venezuela? Surely with the help of China.

You would think by now that we would know better  than to empower the forces that seek to control us. Why don’t these manufacturing concerns, such as Apple, conduct their business in countries that are democratic, countries which are friends to our belief in freedom and equality? Why do business with a country who pursues values opposite to ours?

There are thousands, tens of thousands, who knows- maybe it’s millions of people who believe that the US orchestrated the attacks of 9-11 and now we have large numbers who believe that OBL has NOT been killed, they believe that was staged as well;  plus the equally huge numbers who believe US is the Evil Empire, not China.  Hmmmm. Obviously people don’t conjure up these ideas themselves.  They have to be taught. These ideas and those who spread them they have to be supported, otherwise they’d be powerless. We lost a generation in the fight to preserve democracy and freedom only to lose the next entire generation to the voodoo of moral relativism, and now, another  generation is falling to the spell of communist propaganda. Now what?

All this Marxist Theology, Communism, Liberation Theology, Progressivism, -call it what you will, all this repressive propaganda has filled our sewers and now runs freely down our streets.

I really,  really, really do not know how this country is going to stay a democracy when so many work so hard at making “fuzzy” anything that confronts evil. I know evil when I see it, hear it, read it. Perhaps that’s why I’m willing to stand up, be counted, be heard and be banned for it. And if banned, protest it. Loudly. Legally. Morally.