I’m teaching Jung’s synchronicity and the collective unconscious this week. I was trying to find a way to explain it in simple every day terms when my daughter provided the perfect example:  she conveniently “forgets” her speech at home, decides not to go back for it, gets to class and they have Reiki – turns out she doesn’t need the speech she decided she didn’t need. ??? Pretty funny. As for Pauli’s Effect which I’ve decided to introduce under the umbrella of synchronicity,  in my class of mostly will-be-scientists,  the Pauli Principle will be known but as to the “Pauli Effect’ (instruments breaking when he’s around, and so on) will be quickly discounted, along with the synchronicity.  But it should be an interesting day!


Yes, a few in class did know Pauli’s Principle, – I didn’t even try to explain quantum mechanics or what the connections are to  the argument of a collective unconscious, but the class understood the concepts and how they could have commonalities.  As for Pauli’s Effect- oh my- once I explained the ATM wouldn’t work and my daughter pushed me away and said, “Mom, step away from the machine,” and then it worked, – the students gave one example after another of seeing or experiencing similar glitches! I think, and I have unwittingly maybe convinced or at least opened the subject to this class, that as humans we have a wave length and it is connected to a greater system; we (our brain) are the filtering  devices that decode, analyze  and process the data from that greater system, which Jung called the collective unconscious, new-agers call ‘energy’ and I call the glue of the universe: EM.

Inasmuch as the Indians were deeply connected to the  earth, nature and the circle of life, this generation, whether or not we like it, knows/accepts that we as human beings are connected to the energy that surrounds us. We’ll continue to progress in ways that we make this energy network ‘work for us,’  and with us rather than live in denial that we’re connected to it. The difference is that for the Indians, it was not just a way of life but part their identity; and at this point, knowing we are connected to an energy of countless wavelengths and purposes has not yet transformed into a worship or a  respect that resembles a religion of some kind -or even an Indian kind of balanced circle of life.  I call this energy God, Intelligence and the Source of Creation, but I think  at this point of mankind’s  evolution it’s simply seen as science and progress.