Another excerpt from an article on Kafka’s manuscripts:

But Israel’s National Library contests the will, claiming all of Brod’s estate and Kafka as a cultural asset of the Jewish people. Aviad Stollman, the library’s Judaica Collection Curator, says Brod, an avid Zionist, would certainly not want to see his most prized possessions sold to an archive in Germany. “Max Brod wanted his estate to end up here at the library. The natural place for it is here along with the archives of his fellow writers and friends from the Prague circle,” he said. Hoffe’s daughter Eva declined comment. Her lawyer, Avigdor Feldman, said she wants the writings preserved under the best preservation conditions, at the German Literary Archive. “Brod believed in post-war Germany which he visited many times,” Feldman pointed out. “As to Kafka – he may have been Jewish but he was no Zionist.’

link to Reuters:

`As to Kafka – he may have been Jewish but he was no Zionist.’

At least Feldmann admits Kafka was Jewish.

Can this overly bold retort, “he’s no Zionist” be blamed on politics, or should it be laid it at the feet of greed?  Franz was a Zionist. period.  To deny that would be to assert that he wasn’t the author of  The Trial, Metamorphosis and The Penal Colony.  If his Zionist position wasn’t clear upon his death, he certainly would have been very clear as the rise of Nazism fueled antisemitism. That he watched the Nazis murder his family and friends from heaven not land,  does nothing to alleviate the pain and suffering; indeed it reinforced in him the dream of a Jewish homeland.

That Israel has a right to exist and to flourish as a Jewish Homeland? Kafka’s spine is steel, his spirit steadfast;  of that there can be no doubt.